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Welcome to Kotvrdovice WOMEN'S FOOTBALL LEAGUE

Kotvrdovice village can be found in a beautiful countryside of the Moravian Karst, about 30 km north of Brno. Its population is about 900 inhabitants. The village has been known for various sport activities, especially football/soccer.

Our TJ Rakovec football club has been founded in 2002 after first match of two women's teams from Kotvrdovice and neighboring villages that took place on the local sports field.

At the time, the women's football league was not active. It was not easy to gather the players and competitors, as well. However, the girls joined a friendly match with the Kloboucky team. We lost 4:0.

Since then, the women's footbal in the region has seen a rapid development and now there is a league called Moravskoslezská divize žen (Moravian-Silesian Women's League) containing 6 teams that meet regularly. Other teams play off the league.


For all results of the matches, visit the Vysledky section section (czech only).

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Fotbalový oddíl žen TJ Rakovec Kotvrdovice

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